A word of the president

As information, communication and global regulation changes, we must change too in order to adapt to new challenges in logistics and personnel and goods transit, both in Europe and abroad.

As both an active player and a long-standing eyewitness to the constant, profound changes in the world, ACI remains dedicated to maintaining a reliable, high-performance and long-lasting Transport and Logistics service, adapted to any new challenge.

The ACI group is determined to build on a solid foundation of skilled, resourceful, strong and united personnel to become a responsible yet powerful partner for those who need their demands met quickly, reliably and well.

With this in mind, our site will not just be window dressing for our company.  This site is a powerful tool, enabling us to listen to you, understand your demands, and together we can draw up a roadmap to bring you the personalized service that each of our customers expects and deserves.

Founder, ACI Group.


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