Aircraft parts and AOG

For many years, ACI Group has led the way in logistics operations for detachable and spare parts for aerial transport and navigation (for both helicopters and planes).

We step in and provide aerial freight for many different French and international customers to supply them with the aeronautical supplies and components they need.  We have two reservation and operation options:

  • Stock supply - S.O.S – Standard Operational Service.
  • A.O.G – Aircraft On Ground – F.P.S – First Priority Service.

ACI Group is also capable of organizing the delivery of finished aircraft (helicopters), specially pre-conditioned for aerial transport, whether on board a regular flight or chartered jet such as Il 76 TD and/or AN 124 – Antonov 124.

We’ve become specialists over thirty years of experience with Customers centered on different areas of French aeronautics:

  • Toulouse aeronautics (Haute-Garonne),
  • Marignane (Bouches du Rhône),
  • Buc / Vélizy-Villacoublay (Yvelines),
  • Massy-Palaiseau (Essonne),
  • Orly aerostations (Val de Marne).

    These activities, more than any other, require both organizational reliability and rapid response from the Transport-Logistics provider, especially when treating AOG (Aircraft on Ground) components.  Very specialized operational procedures are needed for such items- we can ensure 24 hour delivery for almost anywhere on the planet, depending on where we can land.

    Here at ACI Group, our priorities are putting the customer first and reacting to their needs.  This is the key to success in Transport and Logistics, and even more so in Aeronautics.

    Contact us and we’ll show you what we can do for your aeronautic needs…


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