Human resources

ACI Group: People come first…

 - ACI Group is an open-minded company, and we know it’s thanks to our dedicated personnel that we can succeed.

 - We know that in the international transport and logistics business, our men and women have more contact with foreign countries than any other sector so our behavior and professionalism must be exemplary.

 - From great experience, we know that every transport problem has a human solution- so we place a high priority on training our personnel to anticipate any logistical issue.

From these key points, the ACI Group has built its company ethics and geared them towards our three main concerns:

  • Our commitments,
  • Our values,
  • Our training.

Our commitments:

  • Working strictly within the commitments made to our customers and those dictated by commercial and operational demands, signed by both ACI and our customers.
  • For our customers, guaranteeing a high-quality service, full information and tracking options for each delivery.
  • Listening out for and understanding the needs and demands of our customers by analyzing each of their requests individually.

Our values:

  • Always adhering to our company ethics and policies so that we uphold ACI Group’s good reputation, and that of our whole group.
  • Engaging our customers and our colleagues in a relationship based on mutual respect and tolerance.
  • Promoting dialogue within the company and respecting any agreements reached.
  • Giving our personnel their own responsibility so that they have a real connection to their work, and so they fully understand the consequences of an unexpectedly late delivery.

Our training:

  • At ACI Group, we believe that training doesn’t stop in the first few months.  Our team members receive professional, certified training all through their careers: in IATA, Customs, AIR security (DGAC/qualified official) etc…
  • We focus our recruitment strategies on applicants with university-level qualifications relevant to Logistics and Transport.  Language and ICT skills are also qualities that we value.
  • We regularly accept second and third year interns as part of their Logistics and Transport-specific programs.  ACI Group has also signed agreements with several training centers (AFT – Iftim).




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