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Motorsport-specific logistics call for exceptional timing, more than any other field.  The demands imposed by the sport require great practical experience backed up by incredible attention to detail.

At the beginning of the 1990’s, ACI Group responded to growing demand from their Customers and set up a Motorsport-specific logistics decision, well aware of the unique challenges they would face.  This division was designed to handle all operations from start to finish, and guarantee a premium service to their Customers.

Today, ACI Motorsport Division can draw on years of experience in this complex area of logistics and offer a whole range of tailor-made solutions, designed in partnership with overseas correspondents and agents who are specialized in the same areas.

ACI Motorsport Division can walk you through all of your projects from start to finish.  On top of that, we can handle and organize, for both our Customers and our Partners:

  • Logistics budget preparation – drawing up a full proposal
  • A full cost analysis (Import – Export – Customs – Door to Door and Round Trip)…
  • Setting up special procedures to ensure full confidentiality of your material
  • Consultancy in terms of regulations and international Customs protocol
  • Transport import/export organization and planning: air, sea and road
  • Creation and tracking of Import – Export – Transit Customs operations
  • Dispatch of an experienced ACI Motorsport team for logistics operation supervision (optional and subject to prior contractual agreement).Etc…

Thanks to our guarantee of complete operational confidentiality, ACI Motorsport Division has earned the trust of many different prestigious motor racing teams as well as a great number of sponsors and specialist media (TV and Radio networks) who cover the events.

From these strengths, ACI Motorsport Division is proud to stand by many different teams, and takes part in the following motorsport events:

  • World Rally Championship
  • Moto G.P World Championship
  • Rally-Raid World Championship
  • Le Mans Series Championship
  • American Le Mans Series Championship
  • A1 G.P World Championship
  • GT 3 World Championship
  • Moto Cross European Championship
  • Shanghai 2007 Bibendum Challenge
  • Rio 2009/2010 Bibendum Challenge
  • Dakar / Argentina-Chile Rallies 2009, Etc...

In order to fully meet the expectations of our Motorsport Customers in terms of cost management, we take their deadlines and operational needs into account, and adapt our strategies and logistics solutions according to the desired mode of transport:

Motorsport Logistics and Air Transport:

  • Urgent aerial transport for tight deadlines
  • Racing vehicle and race-assistance vehicle aerial transport
  • Urgent delivery of mechanical components or test pieces
  • Guaranteed confidentiality and adherence to other area-specific obligations
  • Special freight operations via charter or part-charter flights, etc…

Motorsport Logistics and Sea/Ocean Transport:

ACI Motorsport Division is also supported by the full weight of experience from the Sea Consolidators International (SCI) subsidiary to carry out all your marine transport:

  • Recommended transport options for large weights and volumes, materials too large for air freight
  • Planned and transit-time adapted operation transport: connections, post-event return trips, etc…
  • Port operations: packing/unpacking, handling and import/export customs
  • Specials operations and freighting- conventional ships, RO/RO, ferry, etc…
  • Regulated dangerous product transport (fuel, etc…)

Motorsport Logistics and Road Transport:

  • Special transport on adapted lorries: canvassed and secured vehicle-carriers, etc…
  • Express transport solutions (24/7) in France and the EU
  • Multimode logistics options: Road/Sea by ferry or RO/RO
  • On-site handling: port-a-cabin and heavy package crane lifting.

Motorsport Logistics and Customs:

  • Set-up of simplified procedures with creation and dispatch of ATA Carnets (for countries which are signatories of the ATA convention – upon request)
  • Import/Export declarations on a temporary basis (all countries)
  • Management and dispatch of FIA Carnets (CDP – Customs Passage Book, Bona-Fide)
  • Creation of transit documents (NCTS, TIR Carnet, Customs re-labeling), and management of transit documents, etc…

ACI Motorsport has also earned considerable experience in the field of “vintage collectors’ automobiles”, thanks to our participation in several prestigious touring rallies…

In short, ACI Motorsport is there in the front seat with you throughout the Logistics-Transport challenges for your rare and vintage rallies- a truly special sport where vehicles from the past can rub shoulders with the motors of the future.

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