Ocean Freight

Thanks to our Sea Consolidators International (SCI) branch, ACI Group is proud to offer a whole range of SEA transport and logistics-specific services:

  • Full container load transport – FCL 20’/40’/Open Top, Reefer, Flat Rack
  • Less than container load transport – LCL
  • “Conventional” shipping
  • Roll-on/Roll-off transport
  • “Ferry Service” transport
  • Exceptional shipping, special convoys
  • Outsized, large-volume and/or heavy merchandise.

Sea Consolidators International (SCI) - a professional, personal service for any kind of merchandise: Industrial, automobile goods, industrial removals etc…

  • Import/Export/Transit flow with warehousing
  • Port Customs services (Paris basin, Le Havre, Marseille)
  • All Customs protocol handled: permanent or temporary
  • We treat every delivery as individual, analyzing their origins and/or destinations to give you a clear, quick and personalized quote.

And more: at SCI, we help you with all of your special “Door-to-Door” and “Door-to-Port” operations:

  • In-warehouse or depot storage and removal (palletted or otherwise)
  • Standard or “heavy” handling, crane lifting
  • Free and/or Customs-observed warehousing
  • Packaging- according to S.E.I. standards
  • Fumigation for non-IIPC wooden packaging (Nimp 15),
  • FCL container supply
  • All types of containers for sale or for hire (Dry/HC/Reefer, Open Top, “last voyage”, site-containers etc…)
  • Shipping insurance
  • Monitoring and tracking on line.

The “Cross-Trade” skill on display at the SCI is legendary.  We have huge experience in international marine transit for our work in car rallying competitions and other big events, and this really makes a difference to our level of professionalism, efficiency and great service.

Our knowledge and skills have been tested and proved over many the many years when we have worked alongside our prestigious customers.

Contact SCI now, and count on total commitment to you under any circumstances.

Your Contacts:
SCI – Sea Consolidators International  / Paris
Bat 3446 A – 7, Rue du Té
B.P 18022 – Tremblay en France
95722   Roissy CDG Cedex.
Tel  :  01 41 84 32 85 / 01 41 84 32 86
Fax :  01 48 16 13 16
e-mail  :   exo@seaconint.com ou ops@seaconint.com