Quality and Security

The ACI Group’s QUALITY – SECURITY charter has been created as much by our awards and certifications as by our internal policies guiding the further training of our personnel, and the skills and qualifications that they get out of it.

Here at ACI Group, we believe that a Quality Charter is a commitment to our Customers, a guarantee that we will take any request seriously and provide a relevant solution which conforms to all regulations, standards and guidelines laid out by the official bodies and overseeing authorities governing our professions.

ACI Group is proud to state that in all the areas in which we operate, we meet every different regulation and specification  of the following institutional operators and professionals:

  • IATA (International Air Transport Association) and ATAF (Association of Aerial Transporters in the French Zone) – approval  N° 20-4-7817
  • French Customs – Approval and certificate N° 000160 (ACI Roissy CDG).  All ACI agencies are approved and certified.
  • D.G.A.C (Civil Aviation General Management) – Security approval by airport site/agency approval and certificate:  A.H – Regulated agent N° FR/RA/09002-03/0712 - ACI Orly and FR/RA/09002-04/0712 - ACI Roissy and complying with the regulation CE 185/2010 from the 04/03/2010 and the decree of the 28/11/2007 (modifying the decree of the 12/11/2003 relative to aerial transport security measures.
  • Ministry of Transport: ACI Group is the holder of a “Transport Agent License”.
  • TLF Overseas (Federation of Transport and Logistics companies in France)- ACI Group is a subscribing member
  • FIATA (International federation of Transit and Assimilated Associations) – ACI Group is a subscribing member
  • Travel agent certification (license N° LI 075980053) and subscribing member to APS
  • AFT/IFTIM (Association for Transport Training) – member of the Policy and Planning Committee.
  • AFSSAPS (French Agency for Medical Product Safety) ACI Group: Clermont-Ferrand Agency approved N°24T07 et 31 TP 07.

Constantly improving quality, maintained by ACI Group staff training and adherence to new regulatory guidelines:

  • Regular training for ACI Group personnel: DGAC, IATA, Customs, Dangerous materials, etc…
  • Qualifications from periodic visits by our DELTA Customs declarations operators
  • Prodouane and Conex interfaces
  • Ongoing and periodic training for ACI personnel under the AH (Agent d’Habilité, regulated agent),
  • issued by the local prefecture of each of our approved agencies.
  • RCP insurance (Civil and Professional Responsibility) covering longer contractual guarantees, including a modular safeguard for ACI Group’s premises and private warehouses.
  • A new quality program underway, with the goal of obtaining a new status, the OEA (Approved Economic Operator), complying with the new European standards for the profession.
    Regular training for ACI Group personnel: DGAC, IATA, Customs, Dangerous materials, etc…

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